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Susan, Macomb County, MI

Charlie Creelman is a man of outstanding character and expertise in his field. He was very thorough in discussing the estimated work and costs. His team includes quality American employees who I was able to feel comfortable with trusting them in and around my house. They completed much needed exterior repairs and used quality products that showed great results. When the opportunity arises, I plan on calling Charlie and his team again. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for people they can trust to deliver a job they can be proud of.

Jacki Janson

Charlie has been our painter/wallpaper professional for over 10 years. His work is wonderful, he is very reliable, and keeps his work area (and my home) clean. I highly recommend Creelman Painting and Wallpapering Service to everyone!

Louis Nigro

I’ve used Creelman Painting & Wallpapering for over a decade. For the quality of work, the price has been reasonable and I wouldn’t hesitate to provide this company with my highest possible endorsement.

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